Alain Welter

Contemporary Artist Paintings and Sculptures.

BOOK:Alain Welter Collection 1985-2015

Beginning at the age of 26, Alain Welter started with drawing. First he tried different styles, mostly on paper but also on canvas. His first technique was airbrushing and collage. This technique he mixed with acryl. In the year 1987, he changed his technique to fully paint with acryl on paper. The first objects were very detailled, but this fast changed into more and more cubic. In the year of 1993, he found his art of painting. The objects now are painted completly abstract, always with the technique of acryl on paper or canvas. 1997, Alain Welter stopped painting for many years. But 2012 with the impact of 2 Models (Karen Davies and Luisa Hartema) he started painting again with the same technique as before. 2020, he is still painting and we count over 500 paintings represented in this book.

  1. Taschenbuch : 416 Seiten
  2. ISBN-13 : 978-1721802951
  3. Größe und/oder Gewicht : 21.59 x 2.49 x 27.94 cm
  4. Herausgeber : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (23. Juni 2018)
  5. Sprache: : Englisch

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Alain Welter Expositions :
Grand–Palais Paris 1993
Espace Eiffel – Branly Paris 1994
Espace Eiffel – Branly Paris 1995

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Alain Welter
Julya Reutova LED Bondage 2020 by Alain Welter

Julya Reutova LED Bondage 2020 by Alain Welter

Teri Peterson by Alain Welter 2020.

acrylic on canvas 200×150 cm.